Cashless Technologies
FinTech, Digital Payments

As a Co-Product Development Partner, Oneture is assisting CTIL in building Payments acquisition platform that help merchants accept payments across BHIM and other UPI Apps

Sustainability Platform

Client’s vision is to create a Global marketplace for environmental and social solutions that will connect big corporations and institutions to purpose driven entrepreneurs, innovators and influencers. As a Technology partner, we are engaged in ideation, platform scoping and definition, architecture and Ruby on Rails development.

One of India’s Fastest Growing
Private Sector Bank.

As an Analytics partner, helping bank in identifying, conceptualising various use cases, and building technical architecture, PoCs, MVPs, models, production-ready solutions based on AWS, ELK, Spark, Python, Kafka

Leading Insurtech Company

Turtlemint plans to setup skills, infrastructure, technologies and operations in place to leverage data that it possesses or can harness from public domains with the objective of becoming a data driven organization.Oneture's relevant expertise and experience in making organizations unlock true value of their data is partnering with Turtlemint through this journey.

A leading global Data and
Analytics platform company

Developing a platform to promote EMI on Debit cards. We are helping across Product Management, AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Services, Integration and developing Python based business logic

Eko India Financial Services
FinTech Company

The overall project objective is to setup a good data-pipeline, build a data lake, to take full advantage of the available ‘data’ in order to make operations more efficient by using advanced analytics and data science techniques. Phase two of the projects is to leverage ‘data lake’ to understand customer insights for up-sell, cross-sell, to support multiple use cases like customer segmentation analytics, predicting customer churn, real-time fraud analytics, generating credit scores etc and to look at risk in a more holistic manner, and to make it easier to work with them.

Health-tech startup

As a Technology and Architecture Consultants, Oneture is actively involved in Platform roadmap, technology stack, architecture and code reviews, hiring and vendor decisions

MNC Bank’s India

As a Technology Solution Provider, Oneture is developing an Invoicing utility for one of the MNC Bank’s India operations to become GST compliant

Joint effort with a Product Company and a NGO

As a Co-Idea development partner, we are built a Digital Events Platform that can hosts online paid concerts. Built a cost-effective solution based on Angular 4, NodeJS, Java APIs with a capability to plug and play any OTT platform of customer’s choice.

Leading IT and Staffing and Services Firm in USA

As a consulting partner, Oneture is helping Client on their Managed services and presales and solutions effort in Digital space.

eCommerce site

As an AWS experts, Oneture is migrating all of TheOrganic.Life’s services out of local data center service provider onto the AWS Cloud to save cost and time from managing physical hardware and gain more operational efficiency.

Leading Data Storage Company

Building AWS Lambda based Proof of Concepts for an American Data Storage company to help assess advantages of Serverless Architecture in terms of faster development speed and greater experimentation and innovation and cost savings.

US based System

Oneture is developing an MVP for the client that involves use of AWS Textract to extract the text from the scanned document and identify the attributes in document and carry out advanced workflows. It also archives documents in long-term storage using AWS Glacier and also indexes the Textract’ed text, so, the scanned documents become instantly searchable even though the documents are archived.

Vistaar Logistic
Last mile delivery for eCommerce

In order to meet the aggressive business growth and to be a differentiated player, Vistaar has embarked on a Technology-led journey. As a trusted partner, Oneture is helping Vistaar navigate through this journey based on automation and innovation

Early Stage Technology

Launched an On demand talent marketplace to discover, hire and work with top talent in Digital space

CMS Info Systems
Cash Management Company

Developing a Mobile App for one the largest cash management company to make their thousands of field staff more effective, efficient and compliant to standard operating procedures

Mobile Payments
Israeli Fintech Startup

As a Technology Subcon Solution Provider, Oneture helped built ‘finding safe merchants’ insights based on customers buying patterns that involves technologies like Algorithms, Hortonworks, Apache, Scala.

Early Stage Startup

Our client is on a mission to help consumer and organization go plastic neutral by removing and recycling plastic waste in a sustainable way. Oneture is helping in development, maintenance and support of the plastic credit platform.

CMS Info Systems
Cash Management Company

Building automatic customer complain resolution system to cut down average handling time to near zero and relieving staff of menial data processing for millions of complains

MarCaps LLC
Marketing Design Consultancy

Developing a website for marketing organization and design consultancy dedicated to helping marketers drive new growth in today’s environment.