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Leverage our fully developed SaaS Accelerator for building, migrating and optimizing SaaS on AWS

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Leverage AWS Lake Formation to get self-service data platform for your organization in just a few weeks

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Clients Speak

Eko's biggest challenge was to consolidate all its different datasets and build systems and processes that seamlessly manage quick and secure access to the fast growing datasets. We wanted to upgrade to a big data architecture to support our multiple analytics use cases. Oneture came on board as consultants and went on to become an integral part of the data engineering team in the short span of 3 months. Their technical expertise, experience and most importantly their ability to listen and customize solutions tailored for our specific needs was extremely valuable, given the strict timelines and challenges associated with transforming 13+ year old data architecture. We have built a unified view of our diverse data sources, established stable data pipelines leading to marked improvements in our operational performance across dashboards and reporting. Being an AWS channel partner, they not only have expertise on AWS native services but is also quite open to using open source tools, services and platforms as may be needed. I would like to appreciate Oneture’s team for their flexibility, ability to adapt to new unaccounted challenges, expertise and client-first attitude. We look forward to working with the team again in the future. Thank you.
Sheekha Verma
Head, Data Science  - Eko India Financial Services
9 July 2019 is when I called Mahesh for help on a Mobile App development, working with Oneture since then has been great! The team Oneture is always very helpful in suggesting strategies, recommending practical solutions to unsolved problems, they bring both - top-down and engineering mindset - and hands-on talent, they are responsive and honest in their approach. To date, they have successfully deployed two important solutions in production and now working on two new use cases which will automate and transform two of our core business processes. Their commitment to quality solution delivery and proactive approach in problem-solving is a key strength that built trust, not just with me but my business partners too.
Subhash Kelkar
Chief Technology Officer  - CMS Info Systems
Oneture is an integral part of our platform engineering team for more than two years now. They not only provide us with agility, stability and quality tech engineering capabilities but also bring product-centric thinking which is very essential in managing the dynamic digital payments space. Thanks to Oneture for supporting us in the Benow journey
Sudhakar Ram
Founder and CEO  - Benow (Cashless Technologies)
Oneture has been the Outsourced Platform Development partner on this journey for us. We have engaged deeply with Oneture team from the first meeting where I shared our vision for the platform and a basic working prototype. They took on the challenge and have helped us launch it on time and on budget. They have strong development capabilities and a highly flexible and adaptable approach. We foresee Oneture continuing to play a key role as we scale and enhance the platform to cater to growing needs in this space. I can categorically state that platform would not have been successful without Oneture's deep involvement throughout this journey
Venkatesh Kini
Co-founder  - Ubuntoo
Oneture has helped our team source experts faster and easier. The quality and experience of the team affords us the flexibility to focus on our core job. Oneture has undoubtedly played a critical role in getting DRiefcase where it stands today.
Harsh Parikh
Co-founder  - DRiefcase

Our Principles

If we serve our clients well, our own success will follow
Innovate and continually reinvent is the new business as usual
Start with the ‘end users’ and work backwards
Only ‘learners’ will successfully adapt and deliver great results
Maximize for the speed
Individuals and small teams can have a huge impact

What We Do


We modernize, migrate and develop native to cloud custom-built, multi-tenant applications engineered to take full advantage of cloud architectures.

We develop and deploy Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP platforms based cloud applications using public, private, or hybrid cloud

Big Data Analytics

We specialise in architecting data-centric and IoT applications involving Bigdata, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and real time processing of data while it flows.

We build intuitive, adaptable, easy to implement, scalable and sustainable big data analytics solutions using Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, Mahout, HBase, Cassandra, Amazon Web Services – EMR, Redshift, ML


We build AI ML Solutions based on TensorFlow, Python, Spark and AWS’s broadest and deepest set of AI/ML Services and Frameworks.

In developing an AI/ML application, an agile “fail fast” approach is invaluable. We help run pilots for your business problems or opportunities to test the feasibility of the AI/ML solution and assess the technology options available to your organisation

Web Development

We have experience in architecting large Web based enterprise products and platforms with multiple moving pieces coupled with clearly demarked micro-services for extreme scale and flexibility.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of users, and reach global audiences.

We build Secure Enterprise and Consumer Apps be they Native or Hybrid or Mobile Web Apps, we provide mobile application development services on iOS and Android platforms.

Open Source

We have in-depth experience in developing and deploying software Products and Solutions using open source technologies. We provide Product and Platform Development, Consulting, technical support services for a wide range of open source technologies and products. Our core competencies in Open Source technologies include MEAN, ELK

Our Approach

We approach "your problem statement" as if it is our own business. We put ourselves in your shoes, align our incentives with your objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of the underlying opportunity
Oneture Development Approach

Our Services

Architecture and Design Consulting
To identify and define relevant use cases, prepare roadmap with milestones and timelines, PoCs and MVPs build outs,arrive at a detailed plan keeping in mind your short-term and immediate requirements/issues and also your long-term vision.
Be it Product, Platform or be-spoke Application Development, we create end-to-end technology solutions using modern technologies. We have experience in building wide-range of applications for mobile and web having strong back-end services using polyglot databases (relational, document, search, graph, cache) so that each part of the application performs and scales well.
We help re-engineer an existing product, platform or applications with new and improved Digital Tools and Technologies for better outcomes and to stay relevant. Technical debt: we help address poor quality code or shoddy design or ongoing rework that is caused by short-term decisions, changes to assumptions. Troubleshooting: To identify potential performance and scalability issues and plan to rectify the same
Bridge Tech Skills Gap
We provide talented, handpicked, pre-interviewed, ready-to-hire professionals for your short and long term technical staffing needs. We harnesses the power of Oneture’s on-demand talent marketplace platform to get access to hundreds of ready to deploy, and leading, industry and technical experts in ‘Digital – Technology and Consulting’ space.

Our Technology Strengths

We have expert engineering capabilities across multiple leading edge programming languages and frameworks.
Onetuer Tech Strength

Why We

Having a Solutions mind-set, our consultative approach and experience of working with Consulting, Product and Start-ups setups of different stages and sizes puts us at a vantage point for any concept to implementation journey
Startup Agility & Enterprise Maturity

Our Select Clients

Product / Platform Development

Cashless Technologies
FinTech, Digital Payments

As a Co-Product Development Partner, Oneture is assisting CTIL in building Payments acquisition platform that help merchants accept payments across BHIM and other UPI Apps

Sustainability Platform

Client’s vision is to create a Global marketplace for environmental and social solutions that will connect big corporations and institutions to purpose driven entrepreneurs, innovators and influencers. As a Technology partner, we are engaged in ideation, platform scoping and definition, architecture and Ruby on Rails development.

CMS Info Systems
Cash Management Company

Building automatic customer complain resolution system to cut down average handling time to near zero and relieving staff of menial data processing for millions of complains

A Leading Global Data and
Analytics Platform Company

Developing a platform to promote EMI on Debit cards. We are helping across Product Management, AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Services, Integration and developing Python based business logic
Data Driven Usecases

One of India’s Fastest Growing
Private Sector Bank

As an Analytics partner, helping bank in identifying, conceptualising various use cases, and building technical architecture, PoCs, MVPs, models, production-ready solutions based on AWS, ELK, Spark, Python, Kafka

Leading Insurtech Company

Turtlemint plans to setup skills, infrastructure, technologies and operations in place to leverage data that it possesses or can harness from public domains with the objective of becoming a data driven organization. Oneture's relevant expertise and experience in making organizations unlock true value of their data is partnering with Turtlemint through this journey.

Eko India Financial Services
Fintech Company

The overall project objective is to setup a good data-pipeline, build a data lake, to take full advantage of the available ‘data’ in order to make operations more efficient by using advanced analytics and data science techniques. Phase two of the projects is to leverage ‘data lake’ to understand customer insights for up-sell, cross-sell, to support multiple use cases like customer segmentation analytics, predicting customer churn, real-time fraud analytics, generating credit scores etc and to look at risk in a more holistic manner, and to make it easier to work with them.

Global Appliances Maker
Leader in Home Appliances

The client is ramping up its activities in developing big data and data science as a key tool in running the business and as a source of new services for consumers. We have set up a big data engineering team in Mumbai whose sole focus is to develop and manage data
platforms, data pipeline, data engineering across various use cases
AI / ML Usecases

Customer Segmentation

Identifying customers in appropriate groups based on their similarity of transactions. It was developed with Clustering algorithm and helped running in focused promotion campaigns.

Sentiment Analysis

Unsupervised intent recognition to identify segments within the data. Very convenient for the law professionals to easily bifurcate judgements which are against the parties or favor to the parties.

Suspicious Transactions

Identification of suspicious transactions using rule based method, Spark structured streaming for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

ML Models Migration to Cloud

Migrating existing ML models from on-prem production to AWS Sagemaker and also build new models to leverage Credit card application data within big datalake on AWS.